Running Program for Beginners

The right running program for beginners

by | Feb 2, 2024

Morning runs offer meditative moments, health benefits, and a boost in willpower. Explore the transformative power of embracing the run!

Running Program for Beginners

The sedentary lifestyle of a modern person leads to the fact that old age comes several years earlier than necessary. This is expressed in periodic ailments, hypertension, excess weight, joint immobility, and much more. All this is a consequence of constant haste, poor nutrition, and computer addiction, we simply do not have time for our health.

But if a person who is barely 30 years old complains about his physical condition, this is wrong. Our body can remain young much longer only if it is helped. And the best friend of good health and a beautiful figure is sport, and you need to start with running. Stadiums and just a flat asphalt road, without holes or rises, are best suited for it.

Why does the average person need running?

There are many reasons why you should get on a treadmill, and there is only one reason why you haven’t done it yet: laziness. Who wants to wake up early in the morning, get out of a soft, warm bed, and go for a run? We all know the obvious advantages of this sport, all muscles work here, and no special equipment or trainer is needed.

However, let’s look at the motivational reasons:


There are still a few hours before the crazy rhythm of the day begins, and this time is yours when you can be alone with yourself and think about something important. During the day, no matter how much you promise that you will take time to think, this will not happen. It’s time for morning runs to analyze actions – the best time. At this time of day, our brain is not yet burdened with worries and is in a state of trance, when only the most important information remains in it.


It’s unlikely that anyone else doesn’t know about the benefits of running, but perhaps it’s worth repeating that such exercises strengthen the cardiovascular system and normalize metabolism. This is very important for people in sedentary professions.

Cultivating Willpower

Strengthening willpower is one of the most valuable results that can be achieved during such training. Because you step over yourself and get up on a cold morning from a warm pastel for a run, and when you run the last kilometers, then in addition to endless fatigue, there is a flow of strength and pride in you that you did it. This is how a strong character is developed.


Naturally, who doesn’t like a fit, athletic person? And running is the surest way to acquire a beautiful body and normalize weight. It will be useful for women to know that morning jogging has the best SPA treatment on the skin. The sweat released while jogging cleanses the skin from the inside. At the same time, metabolism is actively working, affecting skin rejuvenation.


There is no more accessible and at the same time effective sport than running. You can exercise at any age and at any time of the year. You don’t need a subscription to run near your house, heavy equipment or special equipment. All you need are good sneakers, rhythmic music in your headphones and a lot of desire.

Let’s learn to run correctly!

There are several simple but very important rules that you need to follow, especially for beginners. Any sport requires a warm-up,  in our case it can be fast or slow walking. Your back is straight, your arms are relaxed and bent at the elbows. During exercise, try to keep your torso straight, your arms should be slightly bent and relaxed.

We breathe through our nose so as not to collapse on the second lap of the run. Breathing through the mouth disrupts the rhythm and makes it difficult to control the process.

You shouldn’t show heroism and go jogging when you’re sick.

The most difficult days will be the first – the body is still adapting and getting used to the stress. Therefore, you shouldn’t reboot yourself and immediately rush to run, you don’t have a coach here, so you’ll have to monitor your condition on your own. And as soon as you feel that your heart is not beating strongly when walking, your breathing is not shortened, and your legs are not shaking, you can smoothly move on to a slow run. At first, you shouldn’t exercise every day – three or four times a week will be enough.

What time of day is best to run?

As for the time for training, everything is purely individual; there are several periods in which it is advisable to get into training:

  • Morning from 6 to 7,
  • Lunch from 11 to 12,
  • Evening from 16 to 18 hours.

Naturally, listen to your body and daily routine so that running does not cause harm, but only benefit.

If you can’t force yourself to get up in the morning, choose another time.

It can be hard to stay in dreamland when it’s time for your morning run. And what will win over sleep or the desire to go out and run? And why do you need to put on sneakers and go outside for a healthy and beautiful body? How to force yourself?

Create your team of like-minded friends, work colleagues, join a thematic club, there is probably one in your city. And then you will have the choice to oversleep and then make excuses for why you weren’t there, or get up and prove that you can do it too. Team support and shame for not showing up can be a good motivator.
Change your route periodically – don’t run in the same direction all the time. Today it could be a road near your house, tomorrow a stadium, sometimes you don’t even have to go outside if you have a treadmill at home. But nothing can replace the virgin air and euphoria of the morning sun.

The benefits and harms of running: destroying myths

If you want, you can find harm in everything, but how true are the statements about the negative impact of running on the body? So,  many people claim that these workouts are bad for your joints . To some extent this is true, but only if safety precautions are violated. First of all, special shoes and the right approach to exercise will help protect yourself from this disease. And, if all the requirements are met, then your joints will even hurt less often than people who have never run at all.

Another myth is that morning jogging is harmful and leads to stress . Only those who are looking for excuses for their inaction can say this. And who prefers coffee with a cigarette, and that’s it, because they don’t know anything else and don’t have the willpower to try. However, there are lunch and evening hours that are favorable for running.

Myth three: running constantly causes back pain . You may experience pain if you have not fixed the body correctly. If everything else suits you, then pay more attention to the position of your back – it should be straight. The same applies to the breasts – they will not lose their shape if you wear special supportive, but not compressive, underwear.

You can find many reasons why someone would give up jogging; you can’t force anyone, but it’s worth remembering one thing: running is a sport, and an athletic one at that, and with the right approach, it can only have a positive effect on your health and figure.

The main thing is not to go out at the right time

Any person starting a new activity begins to make plans and lights up, at this moment it is advisable not to go out. Having decided to train, you must understand that at first they will be accompanied by pain in the legs, and possibly in the whole body. There is nothing wrong with this – this is a common occurrence for muscles that are not accustomed to stress. It may take one to five workouts for the pain to disappear.

With each subsequent workout, you will be able to cover more and more distances. If, for example, today you managed to run one kilometer, then tomorrow you will be able to run one and a half, and the day after tomorrow – two. Don’t try to pick up a fast pace right away – it’s better to slowly and surely go towards the goal.

After just a month, you can slightly adjust your route and make it more difficult. You can choose a field with an uneven road or add inclines and descents.

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